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Antarctic Issues

Arctic Issues and Arctic Shipping Issues

Biological Diversity and Related Issues

Climate Change

Extraterritorial Application of Laws



Heritage: Natural and Cultural Resources

Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Momument.


Law of the Sea

Marine Debris

Marine Mammals

Marine Pollution

Marine Protected Areas

Marine Scientific Research

Maritime Zones and Boundaries


Regulation of Ships

Seabed Management


Sea Turtles

Seaward Limit of U.S. Laws

Significant Issues and Developments

Survey and Charting

R.M.S. Titanic


Underwater Sound

Vadalism/Negligent Destruction of Ocean and Coastal Observing Systems

"Buoy Vandalism Experienced by NOAA National Data Buoy Center," Chung-Chu Teng, Stephen Cucullu, Shannon McArthur, Craig Kohler, Bill Burnett, Landry Bernard. Proceedings of the Oceans 2009 MTS/IEEE Conference held in Biloxi, Mississippi on 26-29 October 2009.

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